img Gaja Health is a software and services company addressing the growing SDoH crisis and record strain on a shrinking primary care workforce by connecting every Gaja member to trusted Health Advocates from their community.

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Establishing Gaja Health's Brand

I joined Gaja Health when it was still a fledgling startup. One of my initial projects was to generate a brand indentity, logo, and style guide to give our products and marketing collateral a cohesive and consistent look and feel appropriate for the members we serve.


Investor Product Video

In order to explain our program, highlight the social need, and explain our solution I helped create an Investor Product Demo. I worked closely with Gaja's founder and Product Manager to finalize the script and built this motion graphics video in After Effects.

The Gaja Health Member App

The Gaja Member App is a mobile application that connects Gaja Health members with a Gaja Health Advocate who can help them navigate their SDoH risks. The Gaja Member App also includes recommendations tailored to each user's goals, a custom Health Action Plan, and the contact information for their care team and providers.


After many member discovery sessions we arrived at a set of features we hypothesized would be the most useful for the end user. These features include easy access to a health advocate, customized recipes and care tips, and a Health Action Plan with goals specific to the member.

I designed the Member App in Figma and generated a high fidelity interactive prototype which we to use to test usabilty and validate the features we had focused on. I also generated an application flow and created all the visual assets for the development team. The Gaja Health Member App is now available on Google Play and the App Store.


The Care Coordination Console

The Care Coordinate Console is an online tool to help Health Advocates manage the members they serve. In the Care Coordination Console Health Advocates can view member information including accuity, goals, risk factors, and encounter notes. The Health Advocates can also track tasks and interventions as well as communicate directly with their members through in-app chat.

For the design of the Care Coordination Console I created high fidelity screens, a site map, and illustrated key interactions and user flows.

Care Coordinate Console Screeshot

This is one of many interaction designs I generated for this project. In this example the user is changing a task's status from 'in-progress' to 'stuck'.

Care Coordination Console Designs

Member Outreach Email Campaign

In order to begin our pilot program we needed some members. One method of recruiting the we used was an email campaign. For this campaign I designed several HTML emails which we provided to our Anthem partner who distributed them to their qualified employees. This campaign started with an introductory email and included several follow up emails to nudge individuals who had not responded. Our email campaign surpassed Anthems typical conversion rate for other benefit package campaigns and we launched our pilot with plenty of users.


Gaja Health Website

In addition to the email campaign I designed and built a website where interested individuals can learn more about Gaja Health and determine if the program is something they'd like to sign up for. Folks who would like to participate can sign-up on the website through an embedded form. The site makes use of Boostrap's responsive framework and works well on desktop and mobile.

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